SMM is a specialist investment management business that focuses on the management of best of breed multi- manager investment portfolios


SMM has appointed Analytics Consulting as its technical consultant to provide appropriate investment management capabilities and innovative products to SMM.


Investing in the top fund managers in south africa and abroad

By spreading your investment across a number of underlying asset managers,
SMM reduces the risk that investors who invest solely with one asset manager, are exposed to.

Synergy Multi Managers is able to access all the top funds and fund managers in South Africa.

SMM is also able to access investment portfolio solutions that are not readily available on standard retail platforms.


By investing in unit trust funds, other than in extraordinary circumstances, you are able to switch out of your investment portfolio within 2 - 5 days.
Our SMM Portfolios

Our SMM Portfolios

View the breakdown of the underlying funds selected within each of the portfolios is available on the SMM monthly fund fact sheets...

Switching between funds and asset classes

Switching between funds and asset classes

In future, SMM will be mandated to manage your investment on a proactive basis, subject to your specific investment mandate and the decisions of the investment committee without you having to sign switch forms prior to necessary changes being implemented.    ...



At any point in time you will be able to determine the performance of your portfolio and the actual constitution of your investment portfolio....