About Us

One of the greatest challenges for financial advisors today is selecting the most appropriate unit trusts to include in a portfolio, out of the ever increasing universe of more than 1000 available unit trust funds.

SMM is a specialist investment management business that focuses on the management of best of breed multi-manager investment portfolios. In order to be able to understand SMM’s area of focus, from an investment management point of view, it is necessary to understand exactly what a multi-manager investment process entails. Multi-managers construct investment portfolios that combine various specialist asset managers into one composite multi-manager portfolio. By spreading your investment across a number of underlying asset managers, SMM reduces the risk that investors, who invest solely with one asset manager, are exposed to.

Furthermore, SMM has appointed Analytics Consulting as its technical consultant to provide appropriate investment management capabilities and innovative products to SMM.

Analytics Consulting is an independent investment consulting and product development business that provides investment services and bespoke product solutions to the top independent financial services businesses in South Africa. The Analytics Consulting team originated from the Investec stable and includes technical specialists who have worked for some of the top financial services businesses in South Africa including Investec, Allan Gray, RMB, STANLIB and Momentum.